THE GROWTH INDUSTRY serves as an effort to elucidate my thoughts and ideas on free market economics (broadly defined) and natural resources (broadly defined).  Using the intersection of economic growth and environmental/energy policy as a jumping off point, this blog, as initially intended, will seek to post book reviews, relay relevant news, and pose troublesome questions.  There is also likely to be a number of digressions to include: baseball, political campaigns, million dollar ideas, youtube videos of waterskiing monkeys, and reviews of dive bars and ethnic food in the DC area.

To introduce myself, I am a young-ish professional working in Washington, DC on energy/environmental issues for a nonprofit.  Before that, I spent three years working on legislative affairs for a national trade association in the area.  I grew up mostly in the pacific northwest, and did not fully appreciate it until I left.  This blog is an effort to find a productive hobby to fill the time/intellectual void left by completing graduate school.  Broad political disclaimer: I suppose I would call myself a libertarian-leaning Republican, although a few years ago I would likely have self-identified as a big ‘l’ Libertarian (despite not changing in any politically significant way).  I am not too much of an ideologue, though, and am much more interested in politics as competition than in politics as truth-seeking.  To give you some fair warning about the contradictions you may find here: I am a vegetarian who wears cowboy boots whenever I can get away with it.  I am a libertarian who (perhaps prompted by Ken Burns’ recent publicly funded projects)  has recently rediscovered a love for our National Parks.  I am a class warrior who almost always agrees with the positions of big business.

If you need to get in touch, feel free to shoot an email to thegrowthindustry at gmail dot com


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